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Slow Piano

So much of the internet says LEARN PIANO QUICKLY or LEARN PIANO FAST. How about learning slowly? How about a change of pace? Learning piano is a process that lasts a lifetime when you are naturally curious. Enjoying the 'process of learning' is a great goal.

What does ‘learn the piano’ mean to you right now? Create a fun, manageable goal based on what you specifically want to learn and when you have reached that goal, create another.

Maybe your goal is to learn Let It Be by the Beatles. Piano teachers can teach the FUNdamentals of piano inside a student's goal, especially when the goal is a song you love. FUNdamentals don’t have to be arduous they can be ... FUN!

Practice slowly and mindfully. Ask your teacher lots of questions. There is no rush. Great things happen in their own time and learning the language of music happens when play the right notes, the right way, lots of times :-)

This year make it your goal to LEARN PIANO SLOWLY. Savor every moment!

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