What's Play Piano Chords Today?

Play Piano Chords Today is a piano method unlike any other.  It combines playing, listening and a little theory in every lesson.  It was developed over the course of many years with input from people like you.  People who want to understand how music is put together as they learn each piece.  People who have a variety of technical abilities and want to sound great in a short period of time.  People who love the sound of the piano and want to experience it's joy and harmony. 


Click on the picture below for more information and a short video introduction.   You can get the books and work with a piano teacher, learn it online at Play Piano Chords Today online or a combination of both by using me as your practice buddy between lessons. 


If you still have questions about whether Play Piano Chords Today is right for you, please book a 15 min coffee chat.  I love to meet piano players!

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