How to teach Lead Sheets and Chords if you're a classical teacher

With the Play Piano Chords Today course you can teach lead sheets with no chording background.  PPCT is a step-by-step course where you learn while you teach!
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PPCT Book 1

Steps to Piano Chords

PPCT Book 2

More steps and improv

PPCT Book 3

The Shape of Chords

Piano From Scratch

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There are so many music students who want to play current music for fun instead of, or in addition to, classical music. They want to learn tunes in days or weeks not months. We need teachers like you.   You will become comfortable teaching lead sheets, improvising and playing by ear while you teach the course. 

The pieces in Play Piano Chords Today (PPCT) are chosen for specific chording pedagogy and are presented in an order that steps new players or classical players into the world of chords, improvisations and lead sheets. The ideal age for the course is teen to adult.  

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Can you relate to these concerns?

... but I don't have enough time in a lesson

Improvising can't be taught

I don't have the skills to teach chords and lead sheets

Teaching adults can be intimidating

I don't know which lead sheets to teach

This is why Play Piano Chords TODAY was created.  I've taken the knowledge you, a classical piano teacher, have and assembled the lead sheets and mini lessons you need all in one course that appeal to adults.  Students seamlessly transition into the world of chords and improvisation.  It's all there in 3 easy-to-follow books. 


We've taken over a thousand students through the PPCT books with amazing results!


Teacher and Student Reviews


"Ah-Ha smiles"

"Loved it!"

"Fun and totally stress-free"

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Start from the ground up with ROOTS

Learn how to STYLE a chord

Get CREATIVE with improvisation tips

NEW Courses

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Learn a LEAD SHEET at 3 levels


 Join me and we'll take a basic lead sheet for On A Clear Day and turn it into a beautiful arrangement at a Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced level.

Piano Boot Camp

Learn to teach piano chords at piano boot camp!  


Every year teachers join the students at boot camp and they LOVE it. Teachers can join both morning and afternoon classes for half price! 


You'll come away with many new tools to teach lead sheets, chords and improvisation.

Thinking about Piano Boot Camp Aug 2021? 
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Virtual Piano Boot Camp 2020 - We Rocked It!

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Join me today and discover your musical creativity!

Hi, I'm Linda Gould

I am a mom, grandma, pianist, composer and educator who's passion for the last 4 decades is teaching adults to play piano with piano chords and lead sheets. I love creativity in music and helping students find their creative voice.

My training was classical with 2 university music degrees in piano performance and I have performed and taught for many decades but I felt something was missing. 


As we reached a the new millennium, I wrote Play Piano Chords TODAY so any adult, young or not-so-young, could play songs in weeks not months. Sometimes even days!


Play Piano Chords TODAY was composed over a period of 10 years with the help of hundreds of adult students and teachers with wonderfully specific wants, needs and desires. Won't you join me today and discover your musical creativity?

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