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Teachers' Corner

We want to help you become the best piano teacher possible! With our resources, you’ll be able to inspire your students and help them learn faster than ever before.

Learn How to Break Down Lessons

Receive a repertoire of lessons, instructional resources, and tools that allow them to learn how to break down their lesson plans into chunks.

Help Students Read Lead Sheets

We equip piano teachers with the skills and strategies necessary to help their students learn how to read lead sheets.

Step-by-Step Methods

Get a comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to teach your students in the most effective way possible.

Teach How To Play By Ear

Helpful tips on teaching by ear, such as using different practice techniques, and improvising exercises.

Teach in a Fun and Easy Way

With exclusive online resources and helpful instructional videos, teachers can teach and learn in an enjoyable and intuitive manner.

Combine Theory and Practical

We provide teachers with comprehensive instruction on topics such as musical notation, scales, chord inversions, improvisation, and composition.

How to teach Lead Sheets and Chords if you're a classical teacher

Unlock the musical potential of your students with this comprehensive course! With its easy-to-follow lessons and fun activities, you'll be able to help them develop their music skills in no time. Seize this exciting opportunity now - give your classroom wings to fly through melody creation!
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Our course is designed specifically for piano teachers who want to improve their teaching methods for online piano lessons. It provides a comprehensive selection of piano teacher resources that emphasizes a combination of theory and practical learning through step-by-step methods. This approach allows teachers to effectively teach their students the foundational concepts of piano, while also providing the hands-on experience needed to improve their skills.
Play Piano Chords Today Book 1

Book 1

Learn 7 styles of music from Classical to Latin. 


How to Make a Lead Sheet sound great by voicing your own chords!

Play Piano Chords Today Book 2

Book 2

Apply skills in Book 1 to new songs and styles.

We expand the blues and add a little improvisation too!

Play Piano Chords Today Book 3

Book 3

Piano exercises that develop improvisation, voicing, playing by ear and lead sheet. skills.

Do you want to help students learn how to play the music they love?


PPCT Teacher Training is a course designed to teach instructors how to help students learn chords and improvisations in a fun, easy way. The course is presented in an order that steps new players or classical players into the world of chords, improvisations and lead sheets.


You can use PPCT to teach your students how to play by ear, improvise and read lead sheets. With this course, you can give your students the skills they need to play the music they love.

Can you relate?

... but I don't have enough time in a lesson

Improvising can't be taught

I don't have the skills to teach chords and lead sheets

Teaching adults can be intimidating

I don't know which lead sheets to teach

NEW Courses

Online Piano Teacher Training Course

Online Teacher Training Courses

Learn while you teach. I'll share and mentor you with how I have taught over 1,000 adults to play with lead sheets and improvise!


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