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Happy Piano Meditation

365 Happy Meditations
Smile by Richard Kirsten Daiensai

" There is a talent - beyond talent, a gift beyond gifts, it is the art of love, and the ability to express the divine in all things. "

365 Happy Meditations by Richard Kirsten Daiensai

Expressing the divine in music was Bach’s ultimate goal. We all have our own vision of divinity. I can hear the divine in the 2nd movement of Bach's Italian Concerto and the Brahms Horn Trio. I can also hear it in Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now.

As a classical note-reader and interpreter of the masters, I always felt there was something missing in my musical education. I was expressing the composer's divinity, not my own. I wanted to learn intimately how chords work, how to create good and bad improvisations, good and bad voicings, good and bad melodies. (Learning the bad was the easy part :-)

Learning how chords work was largely missing from my training but I remedied it with curiosity, time, mistakes and successes. Be curious. Instill curiosity in your students. Round out your own musical training. Today, sit at the piano and play a sound, a single note, and listen. Breathe, meditate and get to know your piano on a new level.


Interested in becoming more 'at-one' with chords on the piano?

The Play Piano Chords Today course can now be taken online!

Sign up today or check out the Free Preview Lessons . All the course materials are provided with each unit. The online courses also make a great Practice Buddy with your regular piano lessons. Your lesson is once-a-week where your teacher provides you with great insights. These videos can enhance those insights as gentle reminders on the 6 days between lessons. There is no better way to learn a language, the language of music, than with someone playing along with you every step of the way.


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