Linda Gould author of Play Piano Chords Today

Linda Gould 
ARCT (perf), BMus (perf w distinction), BCRMT


Linda is a pianist, author, educator, mom and grandmother to 8.  She grew up in Calgary and debuted with the Mount Royal College orchestra at the age of eleven, under the baton of J.S. Bach (great-great-etc grand nephew of the famous Bach). 


This award winning pianist has had the privilege of studying with a number of inspiring teachers in both classical and jazz disciplines including Robin Wood, Peter Turner, Randy Halberstadt, Georgy Sebok, and Karel Roessingh and Lynne McNeil. In 2015 she was awarded Tech Teacher of the Year at the national CFMTA conference in Vancouver. 


In addition to a successful retail career, Linda has been teaching piano for over 40 years and giving concerts for longer.  Performances include solo piano, concertos, chamber music, jazz combos and 2-piano concerts with her husband, Dave Paulson and with her sister Sue Gould. Most recently, in 2021, she performed in the First International Stretto Piano Festival on her narrow digital piano keys. 


Linda is the author of Play Piano Chords Today, a piano method for teens and adults. She loves teaching private and group piano, conducting workshops for teachers, and inspiring students to share their joy of music by playing for each other at her famous Musical Matinees.

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History of Play Piano Chords Today

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In 2004 Linda, with her husband Dave Paulson, owned 3 Yamaha piano stores (complete with music schools) on beautiful Vancouver Island.  PBS started to run Play Piano In A Flash shows which created a demand from customers for a chording course.  As none existed at a beginner level and demand was high, Linda put together an 8 - 16 week piano course for adults.  A binder full of loose sheets evolved into a professionally bound course and was soon followed by a Level 2 book.  Several teachers attended a Play Piano Today workshop and began to teach the course privately and semi-privately with great success.  It was then Linda realized that classically trained teachers could teach chording successfully by following the detailed instructions in the method books.  They also added to their own enjoyment of music by looking at chords through new eyes. They learn to think like a chord player!  Recently online videos were added for an even better experience. 

A newspaper article ran in the Victoria Times Colonist in 2007 and the phones at the piano store and at the Victoria Conservatory of Music rang off the hook!  So many people called that the receptionist at the VCM was overwhelmed and in tears.  An emergency meeting was called to deal with the demand.  We learned first-hand that adults want to play the piano and they loved playing with piano chords!  

Teachers, please join us and help adults and teens in your area to get back to playing the piano for FUN!

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