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Learn how to play piano online.

Whether you're a classical player or a complete beginner, we will help you quickly develop your piano skills online and have you playing your favorite songs in no time!

Your online piano Teacher

Are you interested in learning how to play the piano, but don't know where to start?

We offer a variety of jam sessions and online courses curated by expert piano teachers, so you can learn at your own pace and according to your own interests. Whether you're looking to learn classical music or lead sheets, we can help you get started on the piano today.

Online Courses

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Are you an adult starting piano from scratch? Learn the fundamentals while you play!

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Learn all 12 major chords with this Groove.

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Transition from classical to piano chords with ease in small doable steps.

A new way to learn piano fast

We offer a variety of online tutorials and lessons that will teach you how to play chords in no time. 


Expert Help

Receive expert help from piano teachers who guide students through the process of learning chords.

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Practice Buddy

Don’t practice alone.  Play along with a real person at the keys.


New Songs

We are constantly updating our library of songs on Play Piano Chords Today. 


Chords & Lead Sheets

The fastest, most creative way to learn piano is with lead sheets.


Replay Videos

Replay lesson videos to watch and practice until you perfect the chords.


Choose Your Level

Pick a melody and chords to match your comfort level.


Twice a month join us on Zoom for a LIVE Jam session. 


All levels welcome :-) 

Meet other adults that share your passion for music and piano. Learn chord charts and try out improvisation.  All in the privacy of your own music studio. 

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All Access Jam Course

The All Access Jam Piano Course is a unique opportunity to learn how to play the piano by participating in online courses as well as live online jam sessions. This package includes:


  • Access to all the courses offered by Play Piano Chords Today Online

  • Two one-hour coached jam sessions each month

  • A recording of the jam session so you can reference it later.


The course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to play the piano, regardless of experience level.

Activities & freebies

Lots of FUN stuff! This page includes:


  • Videos and Audio files to supplement the Play Piano Chords Today course books

  • Free video to create your own staff pen

  • Musical Crossword puzzles you can try for FREE


When you PLAY with music you learn faster and have more fun doing it.  

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more Online Courses

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Learn to play this jazzy Bossa Nova. Three levels of lead sheets with videos are included in the course. 

Beginner Level

Intermediate Level

More Advanced 

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Gentle steps to mastering the I-IV-V chord progression in all keys.  A musical superpower!

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Whether you are a beginner or expert, learn to play Fur Elise with chords.  Beginners - it's not hard when you learn it with chords.  

Experts - improvise your own cadenzas.  Beethoven would approve!