Learn piano pieces in Days not Months  

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With Play Piano Chords Today you can learn to play your favorite songs without reading hundreds of notes!  A lead sheet with a simple melody and chord symbols can be played at whatever ability your fingers possess... and sound great!
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So many adults want to play current music for fun instead of, or in addition to, classical music. They want to learn tunes in days or weeks not months. Sounds familiar? Join us and become comfortable playing your favourite music with lead sheets, and chords.  Improvise with your own ideas or just sing along to some chords.  The beauty of chords and lead sheets is it flexible to wherever you are on your musical journey.  

The pieces in Play Piano Chords Today (PPCT) are chosen for specifically to step new players or classical players into the world of chords, improvisations and lead sheets. The ideal age for the course is teen to adult.  

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Can you relate?

I just want to play for my enjoyment

There are so many notes to learn, I just want to play

I want to learn the music I know and love

I've always wanted to sing and play piano

I  don't know where to start!

This is why Play Piano Chords TODAY was created.  Whether you have had some lessons long ago, played a lot of classical piano or you're just starting out, the Play Piano Chords Today method get's you playing songs quickly. 

How can the same method teach beginners and advanced classical players?  Well, classical players learned to read notes not lead sheets.  When you have a lead sheet you can play it simply (beginner level) or more complex with bigger chords and some improvisation.  It's all there in 3 easy-to-follow books.

We've taken over a thousand students through the PPCT books with amazing results!

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"Loved it!"

"Fun and totally stress-free"

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Come PLAY with me LIVE online!

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Drop-in and join me and a group of like-minded piano players, online.  For an hour twice month we'll play tunes and explore chords and lead sheets.  I'm Linda Gould and I welcome Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players who wish to explore playing creatively with chords.  Come and play!

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Best Deal for Online Courses

I'll start with the best... the ALL ACCESS JAM PASS.


This experience combines the wonderful world of Online Courses and Live Online Jam Sessions into a package called the All Access Jam.

Your pass includes access to:

  • ALL the courses up on Play Piano Chords Today Online (and any NEW courses posted later)

  • Two 1-hour Live Jam Sessions a month 

  • A posted recording of the Jam Session if you missed it or want to replay it

  • A monthly practice outline or workout plan

All for the price of a single 1 hour piano lesson.  If you sign up here, you can have access to everything for 2 days FREE.  If you like it, you will be automatically enrolled.  If it is not-your-cup-of-tea, cancel, and there will be no charge.  You can view all the courses here.