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The New INOVUS Digital Piano

I just spent a few hours with the brand new INOVUS digital piano made by a fellow Canadian.

This piano is a joy to play. The Inovus is priced at an entry level but it's packed with features that you usually find in more expensive digital pianos.

  • 88 weighted hammer action keys (very important)

  • 156 polyphony (which means notes aren't dropped and the sound is full)

  • 4 Levels of piano touch (for timid beginners up to a more subtle advanced touch)

  • Split piano (great for teaching as it turns 88 notes into 2x44 note keyboards)

  • USB and Bluetooth (for playing backing tracks through the speakers)

  • AND a real piano pedal (not a little square thing)

There is so much more to share with you. I had the most fun with sounds and rhythms. I know these can be a distraction for the little kids but they enhance the practicing experience for adults. There are 99 rhythms to choose from AND there's a chord function that adds a band playing a Mambo or a Blues, etc. This is a great way to learn styles, practice chords, and HEAR what you can do with your chords. Choose a nice SWING rhythm to play with your scales. More fun than an old fashioned metronome (which the INOVUS has too).

I love the manual. It's short, simple and to the point.

Instead of writing any more, here's a video so you can hear it!

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