Come PLAY with me LIVE online!

Drop-in and join me and a group of like-minded piano players, online.

For an hour twice a month we'll play tunes and explore chords and lead sheets.

I'm your coach, Linda Gould, and I welcome Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players who wish to explore playing creatively with chords. 

In addition to getting 2 one-hour coached sessions a month, you get:

  • access to a video of the coached session for reference and practice

  • additional videos to enhance what you learned that month plus

  • ALL the videos on the Play Piano Chords ONLINE site including the complete Play Piano Chords Today Book 1 course!

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Jammin' on the Blues with Dave Paulson

...all for the price of ONE piano lesson


Come and play!

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August Piano Jam 2022

Jam Challenge

OK JAMMERS, it's time to review your favorite pieces from the year using the course videos and take them to the next level! 

Meet Linda on August 16th

to go over your discoveries.

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Fall Piano Jam 2022

Our JAM Sessions will start again in September. Watch this space for dates and times.

We meet LIVE ON ZOOM twice a month playing the PIECE OF THE MONTH. It can be Jazz or Folk or Broadway, etc., but it will always be an easy to read lead sheet with chords. 

Each JAM ups your comfort level playing piano, playing chords and playing creatively. 

Click "More info" below to see all the online courses included in the monthly JAM. 

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