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Narrow Key Digital Keyboard

Elevate Your Piano Playing with Precision and Joy - Perfect for Small Hands

Narrow Keys for Small Hands

Discover the transformative world of narrow keys! Our NK 5.5 keyboard, with custom-made 88-key narrow design, empowers smaller hands for pain-free playing, reaching octaves effortlessly. Experience a new musical dimension as we redefine piano potential together.

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Why You Need a Narrow Keyboard

Comfortable Hand Reach

A narrow keyboard allows for a more natural and comfortable hand span, reducing strain and promoting a relaxed playing experience.

Effortless Octave Navigation

With a narrow keyboard, reaching octaves becomes effortlessly fluid, enabling musicians to explore a broader range of musical expressions with ease.

Enhanced Precision

Smaller hands can navigate the keys with greater precision, leading to improved accuracy and control during intricate musical passages.

Accessible for All Ages

Ideal for beginners and younger players, narrow keyboards make learning and playing the piano more accessible, fostering a positive and enjoyable musical journey.

Reduced Stretching Fatigue

Say goodbye to the discomfort of overstretching. Narrow keys minimize the need for excessive hand movement, preventing fatigue and potential performance-related injuries.

Customized for You

Custom-made narrow keyboards, like the NK 5.5, provide a new solution for those with smaller hands, ensuring that comfort and performance are within reach.

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Why are NARROW KEY PIANOS so important?

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Narrow Keys Piano vs Standard Piano

Narrow Keys

5.5 " octave

Photo 2022-04-02, 4 18 01 PM_edited.webp

On narrow keys with a 5.5" octave small hands can reach a tenth!  

Small hands are very relaxed playing an octave.

Standard Piano

6.5" octave

Photo 2022-04-02, 4 17 21 PM_edited.webp

On a regular 6.5" octave, an octave can be played, but the hand is under strain. 

It is hard to show in a picture but your hand can feel it.

See Narrow Keys In Action

People trying narrow keys for the first time at NAMM in Los Angelas, California

It is easier to switch piano keys sizes than you think.  Linda plays one piece on 4 different key widths. 

She enjoys the 5.5" narrow keys the most! 

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