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Narrow Key Digital Keyboard

Elevate Your Piano Playing with Precision and Joy - Perfect for Small Hands

Narrow Keys for Small Hands

Discover the transformative world of narrow keys at The Play Piano Chords. Our NK 5.5 keyboard, with custom-made 88-key narrow design, empowers smaller hands for pain-free playing, reaching octaves effortlessly. Experience a new musical dimension as we redefine piano potential together.

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Videos Playing Narrow Keys

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First narrow key digital keyboard with 88 keys!

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Two Pianos - Two Sizes


Are we playing the wrong size?


Shared Blog 2021-11: Pianos and Discrimination: Opening up the hornet’s nest

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The Secret is out


Click here for this years STRETTO festival concerts. 


Think it's hard to switch sizes?  Watch this!


Playing Gershwin on narrow keys with orchestra

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The Secret and why it works


Lumi got the width right but it's doesn't feel like a piano. 

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Traveling and performing with my NK 5.5 narrow key digital piano and dragonfly sister.

Stretto Piano Festival


Stretto - Italian for narrow. 


The Third International Stretto Piano Festival runs from 15 to 23 July 2023.

More than 35 pianists around the world will perform on piano keyboards with keys narrower than normal. A unique event involving a worldwide collaboration of pianists supporting choice of key size!

Countries represented this year are USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, UK, France, The Netherlands, Singapore and Brazil.


This year, In-person concerts in the Engelman Recital Hall in New York City will be ticketed events from July 18-22. They will feature distinguished artists such as Christopher O’Riley, Roger Lord, Ran Feng, Steve Sandberg, Luiz Simas, Paul

Sheftel, Anna Arazi, and internationally renowned composer, David Amram.


Artists from elsewhere, including from the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart, the University of Auckland NZ, and Chetham’s School of Music in Manchester UK will feature in online performances.

I was honored to play in the first two STRETTO festivals and last years performance will be included in this years festival.  I performed half of the 45 minute program called Classical to Blues on the NK 5.5 digital piano.  It includes some 2 - piano performances with my dragonfly sister Sue Gould.  I also performed on my DS 5.5 retrofitted Yamaha grand.  

I hope you can join us online.  There is a nominal fee to watch and many of the performers are dedicating the proceeds to the advancement of narrow key initiatives.  Thank you for your support and enjoy the concerts!


Please check out and share the STRETTO FESTIVAL website and support our artists by purchasing tickets if you are in NYC, watching online performances (free via YouTube) and donating to help them cover their costs, such as for travel and recording.


Stretto Piano Concerts is now running a special campaign to fund a permanent performance venue for Stretto pianos in NYC.


Please consider donating here – even small amounts help!:

Maple Leaf Rag Vide

Why are NARROW KEY PIANOS so important?

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We now have a website dedicated to the NK 5.5!

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