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Narrow Keys for Small Hands

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We don't have the same size hands. Why are we playing the same sizes piano keys?


There are now options for pianos with narrow keys so small hands can have a great experience playing the piano! 


NO pain, NO performance injury from over stretching, reaching octaves easily and possibly playing 10ths for the first time.


These are all the wonderful results of having piano keys that fit your hands.  

I'm standing next to my son (6'4") who has a Yamaha P120.  I have my 88-key new narrow digital keyboard! 


It's custom made, semi weighted, midi 2.0, with 2 pedal jacks and midi out.  I am working with a team to find a way to manufacture these keyboards that fit small hands at an affordable price.  Interested? Fill out the form below. 

If you think playing narrow keys affects your ability to play regular keys, watch the Maple Leaf Rag video below. 

Will 2022 be the year?

We are working very hard to get some narrow key digital keyboards made in 2022.  Want updates? Please click on the form...

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Videos Playing Narrow Keys

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First digital keyboard with 88 keys!


Playing Gershwin on narrow keys with orchestra


Are we playing the wrong size?


Shared Blog 2021-11: Pianos and Discrimination: Opening up the hornet’s nest and calling for more action

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Two Pianos - Two Sizes


Think it's hard to switch sizes?  Watch this!

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The Secret and why it works


Lumi got the width right but it's a controller not a piano

Want more information?

Be the first to know updates on narrow key digitals...
Go to PASKpiano for more info on narrow key pianos and sign their petition.
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Stretto Piano Festival

Stretto - Italian for narrow. 


The first festival dedicated to performances on narrow key pianos was launched spring 2021. 


You can watch 17 performers perform online from May 15 - 23, 2021. If you miss the live event, you can still watch virtually. 

I am honored to be asked to join the festival and performed on Friday May 21 at 6pm EST.  It was a 40 min program of Jazz, Classical and some 2 - piano performances with my husband Dave Paulson.  All were performed on my new narrow key digital piano!

I hope you can join us online.  There is a nominal fee to watch and many of the performers are dedicating the proceeds to the advancement of narrow key initiatives.  Thank you for your support and enjoy the concerts!

Click here for more information about the concerts and to purchase tickets.

Click here for Linda Gould's concert information.  


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