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Transparent Pricing

Piano-Centric Excellence
Versatile Plans for Beginners, Advanced, and Pro-Level Players

Masterclass JAM

Elevate Your Playing with Live Lessons, Exclusive Content, and a Thriving Community



Includes ALL ACCESS PASS features plus:

  • Discover and explore a new lead sheet every month to enhance your musical skills and broaden your understanding

  • Immerse yourself in live online instruction twice a month, featuring 1 hour-long sessions

  • 1-on-1 support for any questions between sessions

  • Collaborate and learn with like-minded pianists of all levels, creating a vibrant community of learners

  • On-demand recordings of previous 6-months coached live sessions

  • Gain exclusive access to new courses before they are released, staying ahead of the curve

More Information

All Access Pass

Expand Your Musical Horizons with

Unlimited Course Access



Includes all INDIVIDUAL COURSE plan features plus:

  • Unlimited access to all music courses at Play Piano Chords Today, featuring over 30 courses, 400 + videos and continuously growing

  • Includes warmup courses, technique courses, individual songs, and the comprehensive Play Piano Chords Today course, suitable for both beginners and advanced players

  • Seek individualized support by asking questions about each course in the comments section, receiving expert responses

Individual Courses

Unlock Your Musical Potential and

Master Piano Skills at Your Own Pace



iNDIVIDUAL COURSE plan features include:

  • Lifetime ownership. Learn at your own pace.

  • Great value. A piece often takes months to learn and could cost over $300 in private lessons

  • Instructor is there, online, with you at every practice session (priceless)

  • Extensive collection of music (lead sheets) provided at multiple levels, catering to various skill levels*

  • Instructor promptly answers questions in the comments section, fostering a supportive learning environment

  • Video playback can be slowed down to observe fingering and piano techniques up close

*Note: Some music (lead sheets) may be subject to copyright fees.


An all-inclusive membership to coached piano lessons, our library of 30+ online piano courses, 400+ video lessons, one-on-one support, and more!

Join our vibrant community of piano students of all levels, and gain access to all the resources you need to master piano, all for just




This best-selling monthly pass comes complete with unlimited access to tools, assessments, videos, digital learning modules, and all of Play Piano Chords Today's courses — available live online and On Demand.

Masterclass Bundle
What's Included
1-on-1 Support for Any Questions Between Sessions
$720 USD
On-Demand Recordings of Previous 6 Months Coached Sessions
$2160 USD
30+ Online Courses (and growing) and 400+ Video Lessons to Enhance Lessons
$14,400 USD
Two 1-hour Coached LIVE Zoom Sessions Every Month
$1440 USD

Come PLAY with us LIVE online!

Imagine playing your piano, in the comfort of your home, with a Piano Coach and a group of like-minded piano players?

Imagine doing this twice a month!

We're your coaches, Linda and Sue Gould, and we welcome Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced players who wish to explore playing creatively with chords and lead sheets. 

Click here to see what's happening in the NEXT JAM

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All Access Masterclass 2.png

The Masterclass JAM gives you access to:

  • Two 1-hour coached LIVE zoom sessions every month (value $120)

  • A video of the coached session for reference and practice after the live session (value $45)

  • 30+ Online Courses (and growing) and 400+ video lessons to enhance what you learned (value $1200)

  • Access to the previous 6 months of Live coached sessions (value $180) 

  • Ability to communicate questions between sessions ($100)

That's a $1645 value for the price of ONE piano lesson - $49.88

Remember, this isn't self-directed.  You get live interaction twice a month.  PLUS online videos

to remind you what we covered between JAM sessions.  

If you want to explore something else, in addition, there are over 400 videos to choose from. 

Courses include pop, classical and jazz pieces, piano chord specific warm-ups, piano technique lessons, practice tips AND the complete Play Piano Chords Today Book 1 method!


When you are surrounded by great music, community and inspiration it can't help but rub off.

Sounds like a dream? Let's JAM!

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