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   Tech Ten ONLINE piano Course   
Your Personal Technique Coach for Piano Excellence

Elevate Your Piano Skills with Guided Technique Exercises Based on the RCM Curriculum | Unlock Your Potential Today for $14.88 USD/month!

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Ready to elevate your playing skills?

Piano technique like scales, chords and arpeggios are foundation skills. Once they are learned, they stay for life. They are your SUPERPOWER!

Sports, like Hockey and Tennis, do coached drills all the time to achieve excellence. Why not piano? Because it's solitary... until now!

Like Hockey and Tennis, piano technique is best done with a coach. They provide motivation and extra tips while you are doing it.

What if you could have a technique coach whenever you wanted?

Now you can!

Tech Ten coaches are here to guide you through a comprehensive journey. based on the Royal Conservatory of Music foundational technique.  That doesn't mean it can't be fun 🎹

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piano drills = power

Piano Technique Drills are PushUps for the piano
Piano Technique Drills are motivating with a coach
Piano Technique Drills increase strength and confidence!
Piano Class

How does it work?

Practice with a coach... Learn technique better and faster.


Start With a Goal

Set clear goals as a team; student, parent and teacher. 

Example: Complete Level XX Technique in 6 months. 


Show Up At Your Piano

No more practicing alone!  Your Tech Coach is there whenever you want them. Play along, laugh at the goofy emojis, update your journal and feel the progress happening!


Add a Plan with Small Steps

The Tech Ten Journal (downloadable), breaks your goal down into small steps. Piano, laptop and 10 minutes a day is all you’ll need.


Support Success!

Piano teachers can quickly check-in at the lesson and give out rewards and certificates for milestones reached.

Remember, this is a journey!

Meet the coaches

Here is your coaching team for the Tech Ten courses...

Teachers, are you ready to add this online resource to your music studio?

Sue and Linda want to share their success with Tech Ten and enrich other piano studios.  Learning online has become an accepted part of today's curriculums because they enhance the in-person experience.


Haven't you wanted to be a fly on the wall when your student is practicing?  Correcting a weeks worth of mistakes can take up too much valuable lesson time.  


What if your students practiced correctly and you got to hand out rewards and make only small course corrections in their lesson?  What if they actually wanted to practice technique?

Contact Us to join our webinar and learn more how this can be a part of your studio.  It won't cost you anything! 🎹

Tech Ten Course Bundle

What people say

Dylan (age 10), AB

"I really like the emoji's.  They make it fun to do!

Christine Taber, BC

" I asked my student to take a short break from Tech Ten because that is the only thing they wanted to practice!"

Alex Wilson, BC

"As a parent I could finally support my daughter when she practiced technique.  The videos said it all, I just joined her for encouragement"

Tech Ten

Elevate Your Piano Skills with Personalized Coaching Tailored to You



Whats Included:

  • Guided technique exercises for excellence

  • Over 100 coaching videos

  • Oodles of technique tips for faster learning

  • Technique Practice Journal

  • Email support

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