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... a concert in your home with your friends

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... appy's, wine, and classical or jazz on two beautiful grand pianos 

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What concert do you imagine ?

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Brahms Haydn Variations (Vignettes) 
Intro - Choral St. Antoni

Brahms Haydn Variations (Vignettes)

Variation 5 - Vivace

Variation 7 - Grazioso

Bohemian Rhapsody

Two piano arrangement from our latest concert tour (2022).  Contact us if you are interested in a copy of the arrangement. 


Traveling with Narrow Keys

Time-lapse video of our concert set up.  


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Real sisters, Linda and Sue Gould have been playing piano together their whole life. Creating the opportunities to play had been hit and miss over the decades as family and career's lead them to different parts of the world but when they got together there is a magic communication only sisters can create. 

Now with more time and a recent acquisition of two grand piano shells, they can bring beautiful piano music to any location. The possibilities are endless! 


Recreate the era of piano salons from the days of Chopin and Brahms in the modern world.  Live Music as an intimate event is not to be missed.

Why are they called Dragonfly Sisters? You'll have to ask them :-)  Find out more by clicking on their names...

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Let us know your concert dreams and desires.  No pianos required …  

The Dragonfly Sisters will bring two digital grand pianos into your home to perform for you and your friends.

Please contact us if you are interested in a house concert in the British Columbia (Canada) area.  

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