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Book 3 The SHAPE of Chords!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Do you remember when you learned your first word? Probably not, but you likely didn't learn it reading a book.

It's strange to write a book and ask people to close it but I hope you spend more time listening to the audio tracks and videos that accompany this book than reading it. Books, including this one, have lots of wonderful ideas but the learning happens when you listen and play.

The SHAPE of Chords is full of exercises and lots of pieces to practice and experiment with. We focus on feeling shapes. When you say "A major" to a pianist an immediate shape forms in our minds and fingers, even if we are nowhere near a piano. This is something you can and will experience too.

I am thrilled that I was nudged by many friends and colleagues to write this book. It goes from a basic Major chord all the way to Rootless Voicings and Tritone Circles. Playing by ear, improvising, and better technique are all side benefits of the many tunes found between the covers.

You can take a peek inside with this YouTube trailer or order it right away at Long & McQuade or Likes and Comments are always welcome!

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