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We all love the idea of sitting at a piano and playing song after song to our hearts content. Why aren’t we doing it? Many of us have learned to read notes, not chords. Notes are like letters and chords are like words. If you want to speak the language of music through your fingers, learn the chords and the songs quickly follow. Play Piano Chords Today is full of information to get you creating chords on the piano. Whether you are a Novice or an Experienced player, you will enjoy the journey to becoming the piano player you’ve always wanted to be. See Details for more info.

Play Piano Chords Today Book 1 with Audio Tracks

  • PPCT Course book is 60 pages long with audio tracks of all the music in the book. There are 8 Units covering 7 styles of music from Classical to Latin.  Learn how to make a Lead Sheet sound great by voicing your own chords!  Play Piano Chords Today also includes links to videos on the website for more in depth look at how to achieve good results. ISBN 978-0-9919038-0-1

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