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Book 2 takes the musical tools learned in Book 1 and applies them to pieces chosen specifically to expand students ability to enjoy those tools.  In addition new concepts are added to the blues, stride, improvisation skills and more.  After completing book 2 students have a good foundation to enjoy playing their favourite tunes from a fake book.  

Play Piano Chords Today Book 2 with Audio Tracks

  • Course book is 68 pages long and includes audio files with all the music in the book. We learn by applying new skills.  In PPCT 2 you take all the skills learn in Book 1 and apply them to new songs in various styles of music.  We expand the blues and add a little improvisation too!  Play Piano Chords Today book 2 also includes links to videos on the website for more in depth look at how to achieve good results. ISBN 978-0-9919038-1-8

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