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Teacher's Need Goals Too

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

We all know the power of writing down our goals. There is a famous study about Harvard MBA's who wrote down their goals and made 10 times the income of the MBA's who didn't.

Here's an example for a piano teachers ...

Goal - Teach my students to play from Lead Sheets

Why - Students need this skill to - play popular tunes quickly

- to understand Classical form at a deeper level

- to play in jazz/rock bands

- to play in church

- because it's a blast!

Plan - Purchase a good method book (Play Piano Chords Today ;-), and sign up for webinars and online courses to increase my piano chord and lead sheet skills.

Whatever your goal is for this teaching year, write it down and be very specific as to how you can achieve that goal. You're students will thank you and you will feel wonderful!

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