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Are We Too Tough on Ourselves?

I was talking to one of my local musical idols the other night and he surprised me with a comment. A little background first...

His name is Brooke Maxwell and he plays piano (many styles), sings, teaches and composes. He had just returned from two weeks in New Orleans where he was absorbing new styles and anything musical that he could experience. My husband and I were chatting with him after his inspiring gig and he said to us...

" I met so many great musicians in New Orleans, like us, maybe they are not musical geniuses but they have so much to offer".

Ride the Cyclone Musical
Ride the Cyclone Musical

It was just a comment. He considers himself a 'great' musician and not a musical genius!?! This from the lips of someone who composed a musical that played Off-Broadway in New York! (trailer for Ride the Cyclone). He wasn't being humble, he was being genuine. Now, I didn't expect Brooke to say he met a bunch of genius's like himself, but his comment showed me his view of himself.

We all have a view of ourselves and often it is critical. I would like to suggest that today, you acknowledge the bits of genius in you. What do you find easy that others find difficult? What is it that you don't give a second thought to because it was always easy or what did you work hard for in the past that is now second nature?

Focus on that today, build on that today, let that part of you blossom... today :-)

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