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Student's winning letter to CBC radio

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Most of my piano students are adults and they inspire me with their views and thoughts about the piano experience. One student (a university prof) recently sent a letter to the CBC program 'In Concert', It was chosen as the letter-of-the-week and read on air! He shares his thoughts and a solution to a rather common issue for piano students... performance anxiety. He has graciously allowed me to share his winning letter with you...

I discovered classical music at age 60 when I started taking piano lessons. I became instantly addicted, and after a few years it was time to perform the pieces I had learned. I was not one to succumb to stage fright after many years of acting, so I was surprised to find that I was nervous to the point that my hands would shake themselves off the piano. In fact, it became apparent that it was only possible for me to play if nobody was listening! As I travel frequently for work, I discovered in various cities “Play-Me” pianos dotted everywhere. In these venues, with total anonymity and people passing rather than listening, I could play more or less at my best. So now after six years I have performed pieces by Chopin, Grieg and Schumann in New York, London and Paris. Look for me at your local airport or train station!

His prize was a wonderful CD by the pianist David Jalbert. Congratulations Brian and keep sharing your music and your ideas!

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