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Jan 31 is a Blue Moon!

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Blue Moon: Definition -

1. Rarely

2. A second full moon in a calendar month.

This January is one of those rare months that we have two full moons. So is March 2018 but you will have to wait more than two full years to celebrate another blue moon! Why not celebrate by playing the famous Rogers and Hart tune, Blue Moon? It is a terrific training piece for using the most common progression in music ii - V - I

To celebrate I've created a PVG jazz arrangement of Blue Moon at an early intermediate level. Students can circle all the ii-V-I progressions they can find (there are lots!) and you can create your own chord voicings or use the ones I have written.

If it isn't raining, or snowing on January 31, step outside with a mug of hot cocoa and raise it up to a beautiful Blue Moon!

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