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Exams for Play Piano Chords Today

Download an exam template to create a goalpost for your students on completion of their Play Piano Chords Today Course

Certificate PPCT1 a.png

Certificates are valued when they are earned.  Sign up for your exam here. See the list of requirements below so you know what to prepare. 


When you sign up for an exam, you will receive a pdf of the sheet below and a link to a form that you will attach your exam recording to.  Results and a certificate will be sent to you within a month.


You are ready to take the exam when you can fulfill these requirements:

1. Play all the Major Chords

2. Turn the major into minor chords in 3 keys (chosen by the teacher)

3. Turn major chords into 7th chords (Novice level) and 9th chords (Experienced level) in 3 keys.

4. Play the Tea Kettle Warmup with backing track

5. Play one piece of your choice from Book 1

6. Play a 12 bar blues from Unit 6. 

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