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Want to own a Grand Piano?

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

It is every piano players dream to own a grand. It's magesty, it's history, and the sound! That glorious sound that only a grand piano can make.

I played my first grand piano at my piano teachers house. She was my second piano teacher and I had been taking lessons for about 6 years. Her teaching studio was in a small room to the right of the front door and it housed an old upright that was always tuned and kept in top condition. As you walked through her front door though, the first thing you saw, couldn't help but see, was her beautiful grand piano. It was the center of attention in her living room.

One day, maybe I was preparing for an exam, my teacher asked if I would like to play my piece on her grand piano. Would I? Yes, please! I felt as though my piece were playing itself. The sound was the best I had ever made and the evenness of the touch and responsiveness of the keys were glorious! I was hooked and got many more opportunities to play her grand.

My next teacher's all owned grands and they became part of my life. Playing on a grand piano in front of an audience isn't the same experience. Too much emotion is filling your senses to allow you to become 'one' with the piano.

In my early 20's I took out my first mortgage and it wasn't on a house. You have probably guessed, it was a grand piano. A GRAND PIANO! I slept under it the first night. It was a Yamaha G2 grand that I chose after playing several in the showroom. I like to think that it chose me.

I still play on it to this day. It has been lovingly cared for and many pupils have enjoyed it's beautiful sound. Just over 20 years ago I had all the keys and action replaced with some narrow keys created by David Steinbuhler. It completed my dream of the perfect piano as I have small hands and now can comfortably reach a 10th.

So back to my initial question. Want to own a Grand Piano? Have you had that dream? Here is something to move you closer. Click on the picture and download a PDF to make your own grand piano. Place it in a favorite spot and allow yourself to dream. Maybe someday ... :-)

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