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Part 4 delayed and you'll never guess why...

This blog was to have been Part 4 in a series on teaching improvisation on the piano BUT, something important came to my attention. Part 4 will have to wait. We’ll call this Part 3b and it’s a perfect 3b

On August 28, 2021 (that’s this coming Saturday), it’s Play Music On The Porch Day. I’m not making this up. This is the 9th PMOTPD and it is getting more popular every year. Last year over 76 countries participated!

What a perfect way to step into your fear of improvising in a safe, fun way. This Saturday I challenge you to get a portable keyboard (borrow, beg, don’t steal, maybe rent?), set it up on your front porch and sit and play. Play anything you want with or without music and go with the flow. Hum along and add a few extra notes here and there. Chopin will never know! Play Bach’s Prelude in C and change the order of some notes. Play the song you’ve been humming for the past couple of days. Play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The kids will love it!

Laugh and experience music outdoors. Go to

Participation is easy! Just go outside and play music.

Participate alone or invite your friends to gather on the

porch or your favorite place to play. Share a video on your

social media platform and add the hashtag #playmusicontheporchday.

You can download this poster and share it with students and friends.

"What if for one day everything stopped…and we all just listened to the music?"

Yes, what if? I hope to see you on the porch!


Click here to contact me today, I'm always happy to answer

any questions you may have!

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