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Affirmations for Piano Practice

Approaching a practice session with a clear and positive mindset is a powerful tool. Say one of these affirmations when you sit down at your piano. Say it out loud three times, and your piano session will be more productive.

¯ Today I banish the dullness of my mind and body. I will not allow the sluggishness of my mind to retard my progress at the piano. I will listen intently and without judgement.

¯ Today I will not be irritable, knowing that discord of mind will create injurious bodily processes.

¯ Today I banish discouragement, for the cleansing of my mind is bringing me new freedom of expression and awareness.

¯ Today I will go to Nature, for in Nature we see all things combined harmoniously. I attune my mind and my music to her perfect functioning.

¯ Today I am in tune with the best of life. I know the joy of throwing off, day by day, the chains that have shackled me.

¯ Today my soul is expressing itself in the creation of new beauty and of happiness for others.

¯ Today I feel a comforting peace with the realization that I am firmly advancing toward complete harmony.

¯ Today I will increase the flame of Focus by breathing pure air. This fresh oxygen coursing through my veins will bring me renewed vigor and mental activity.

¯ Today my enthusiasm for music creates new vistas, new thoughts, new ideals. It is reawakening my entire body and mind.

Click on the link below to print off these affirmations to put up in your practice space at home.

2021 0928 Piano Affirmations to print
Download PDF • 172KB

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