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6 Reasons to attend Piano Camp as a Teacher

1. Have you been teaching the same way for 10 years or have you been adding to your piano knowledge and reinventing yourself? Camp will reinvent you every year.

2. We are musicians first and teachers second. Summer is the time to practice like we did as a kid… only better! Practice with other teachers 😊

3. Teachers who are still learning are better teachers. Plain and simple. They are curious, eager to try new things, and way more fun to be around.

4. Camp is more fun than a conference. We get to PLAY! New ideas are great to hear at conferences but trying them out on the piano instantly (at virtual piano camp) and getting excited about which students will benefit from these new ideas, is what we live for.

5. You can make great contacts at camp. You spend a bunch of days with your fellow campers, so friendships are bound to happen.

6. So much is happening to the world of piano because of the pandemic, new technology, and Zoom. Why not share what you have discovered with others? Camp is great for sharing.

Which camp are you attending this year?

Peanut Butter and Jam Camp for Teachers

Aug 10-18, 2021

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