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Warming up at the Piano

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

Teachers often ask why I recommend starting each lesson with Tea Kettle Warm-up (from Unit 2 in the Play PianoChords Today course). First of all, it’s fun to play with a band! Put on the CD and groove along. Second, starting with something familiar is a great way to warm-up the fingers and the piano brain. Third, this exercise changes as students grow. After your adult piano students have basic fingering and rhythms locked in, you’ll add piano chords in the LH, and eventually improvisations in the RH (follow this link for video ideas). When that is mastered, play the TK Warm-up in the key of G, then F, then… well you get the idea.

In tiny steps, you will introduce your adult students to all the major scales plus the I, IV and V piano chords of each of those keys (voiced beautifully)... just by starting each lesson with this simple warm-up!

Ever wondered why it’s called the Tea Kettle Warm-up? I start each day putting my tea kettle on the stove. While it’s getting ready to boil I head to the piano and play warm-ups. They vary with the years but it’s great to start the day with a piano meditation to clear out the cobwebs. When the kettle whistles, my warm-up is done and the day has begun. One final tip... leave your warm-up of choice open on the piano each evening. It will call to you in the morning. Come and play with me!

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