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This is what Mozart used to create staff paper for his famous music.  Now you can own a staff pen and have the freedom to write staff lines anywhere you want! 

Here’s how you can create your own Staff Pen.

  • Purchase a package of ball point pens or a package of gel pens.  I used Staples Sonix gel pens. They write consistently and they have a straight tip so the refills line up nicely. 

  • You’ll also need some card stock and clear packing tape. 

  • Take the refill out of five pens.
  • Make two identical cutouts of card stock.  (mine were 5”x 1”).
  • Align five pens on top of one piece of card stock.  Make sure they are perfectly in a row (push the refills up against a stiff ruler to line them up), and attach them to one piece of card stock with a piece of tape.  Wrap the refills and cardstock with packing tape to secure.  Place the other piece of card stock on top and wrap again. 

  • Find some fun decorative paper to wrap around the cardboard (I used a discarded score) and secure it with packing tape. 

  • To make a cover for your pen – Loosely wrap some paper around the tip of the pens.  Wrap the cover with packing tape.  (Not too tight so it will be big enough to cover your pen.)  Pinch off the packing tape at one end to seal the cover.

Now you have the freedom to write those tunes in your head anywhere you wish.  Great for teachers too.  You can write out student examples in their weekly workbook.

Watch this video to see Callie make a Musical Staff Pen!

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