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Creating a narrow key digital keyboard for the world is an idea who's time has come.  Regular keys have a 6.5" octave and this custom keyboard has a 5.5" octave which allows most small hands to reach a 10th and an octave is so comfortable :-) 


Are you interested in getting one?  They aren't ready to sell, yet.  We are creating a mailing list so we have some idea of the interest and what is possible to build on a larger scale.  The more interest, the more affordable.  What features would you like?  Weighted? Piano only sound or more voices? Rhythms? What would you use it for? What is your price point?

It's a short form and we would love to hear from you!  Your emails will be used for this project only.  We are passionate about this and value your thoughts.  

Thank you for your interest!

Narrow Key Form.png

Think it's hard to adapt to this size?  

(playing starts at 3:36)

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