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Wow! First blog (ever!) and the launch of my new website I've been working furiously with Alex to put up the site before my husband (Dave) and I head to Brazil to teach piano on a cruise ship. I know, tough job but someone has to do it! Alex has been terrific to work with so if anyone is looking to build a website on a limited budget I highly recommend him ( OK what's this about Brazil you ask? Our cruise ship has a large room with 16 keyboards where we teach two 1 hour classes on sea days. One class is for adult beginners and the other for adult's who have played a bit before. It's wonderful to do what you love while cruising the seas. Teaching piano chords to adults has been the best job in the world. We wrote out the music for Brazil as a piano ensemble so the Latin groove will be happening while we cruise the east coast of South America! I'd love you to check out the website and leave me your comments. It's not complete yet but there's lots to look at. More videos and stuff to come in April. Oh, and don't worry about becoming a member. It's painless and I won't bug you (unless you want the monthly newsletter about tips on playing piano chords). The member page has lot's of cool stuff like FREE piano sheet music, music activities and a video about what Play Piano Chords Today is all about. I'll keep you posted about our Latin Musical Adventure...

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