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PPCT Bk 1 Lesson Videos

PPCT 1 3D.png
PPCT Bk 1Title 1 16 by 9.png

Here's the basics

Enhancing the notes

Beyond the notes and add some diddles.

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 2.png

A great warm-up to start the day

The next step... adding LH chords.

Now you are ready to try a little improvisation

... For Now!

The next step... adding LH chords.

Follow along to practice your rhythm

1 min video on How to Slow Down a YouTube video.  

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 3.png

Introduction to Ode To Joy - Novice

LH options for Ode To Joy - Experienced


Learn all 12 major chords with a fun groove

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 4.png

Novice Level

Experienced Level

Introduction to improvisation for Scarborough Fair

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 5.png

Chords and Stride


More options for Stride

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 6.png

What is the Blues?

Add some jazzy chords

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 7.png

Jazz Waltz

Add some cool improvisations

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 8.png

A touch of Latin rhythm

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