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PPCT Book 1 videos

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Welcome!  We're thrilled to provide you with access to video demonstrations of all the pieces in Play Piano Chords Today Book 1, created by Linda herself over 20 years ago.


While the content of these videos remains invaluable, it's important to note that video technology has advanced significantly since their creation. So, if you notice any quirks in production quality, we encourage you to embrace them with a smile!

These demonstrations offer a unique opportunity to learn directly from the author herself, gaining insights and techniques straight from the source. Dive into the world of PPCT Book 1 with Linda Gould as your guide, and let her expertise enrich your musical journey 🎵

Interested in delving deeper with our new online Play Piano Chords Today course?

Click here for more information.

If you already have a copy of the Play Piano Chords Today book, fantastic! Simply email us a copy of your receipt, and we'll deduct its cost from the full course price.  (Please note that this discount applies to the course purchase and does not apply to the monthly subscription.)

Here's a peek at a couple of example videos from the new online course:

Welcome to Play Piano Chords Today

Introduction to Chords

Take the next step in your musical education with us, and let's make beautiful music together!

PPCT Bk 1Title 1 16 by 9.png

Rock 'n roll

Add some cool improvisations

Add some cool improvisations

Add some cool improvisations

chord basics

Great way to warm up the fingers 

Next step... add chords

Ready to add Improv?  Yes!

Next step... adding chords

Integrate new rhythm with your warmup

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 2.png
PPCT Bk 1 Unit 3.png


Level 1 - Introduction

More Experienced - Chord Options

Get them in your fingers with this fun groove


Easiest Level

More Experienced Level

Great intro to improvising on the piano

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 4.png
PPCT Bk 1 Unit 5.png


Chords meet Stride Piano

Add some Improvisation and make it your own

More options for Stride Piano

The Blues

The Blues Pattern

Add some jazzy chords

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 6.png
PPCT Bk 1 Unit 7.png

lazy day

Add some cool improvisations


A touch of Latin rhythm

PPCT Bk 1 Unit 8.png
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