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Advertising Play Piano Chords Today

Let the adults in your community know that you teach Piano Chords.  Download these FREE templates

Copy this picture (right click) to your computer to use for online advertising on craigslist, kijiji or used(city).com

1.  Posters -   Put posters up at local libraries, schools, adult community centers and music stores. Click on the blue button above labelled Piano Lesson Poster  and enter your information (name, address, email, phone number) right on the poster. 


2. Craigslist, Kijiji , Used(yourcity), Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. These are great, FREE online advertising sites. 

     Here’s some ad copy:

Piano Chord Lessons for Teens and Adults - Have you envied people who can sit down and play their favorite songs?  Play Piano Chords Today is an innovative method that will have you playing the piano in 10 weeks - even if you've never played before - using a chord approach.  Great for starters and re-starters.  Learn to read easy 'fake book' notation and add appropriate left hand accompaniments to several styles of music, while developing your musical ear.  Call  or email (insert teacher name) at (insert teacher phone number/email) to inquire.


5.  Offer a Free Introductory Lesson (15 minutes long) as many adults want to ‘interview’ their teacher to feel a rapport.  Add Free Intro Lesson to your piano chord poster above.    


5.  Conservatories and Rec Centres are often looking for new programs.  Approach your local music conservatory or rec centre and offer to teach the Play Piano Chords Today program for teens and adults.  Some conservatories have studios with more than one piano.  You can teach Play Piano Chords Today successfully in an ensemble format.  Adults often love learning in a group.  I taught it as a group for years at the Victoria Conservatory of Music.  Here's a short video of some of my groups...

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