Lesson Plan for Unit 1 – Make Music Today  – Novice Level

Level 1 – Novice Level – New to playing piano or not comfortable playing hands together.


Hand Position


  1. Turn to page 6 of Play Piano Chords Today.  This shows the finger numbers instead of the notes. 

  2. Listen to the CD in the lessons (very important) and follow along on the page with your student.

  3. Confirm the names of each finger by asking your student to put their hands together and tap their thumbs (finger 1), their second fingers, third fingers, fourth fingers and finally fifth fingers.  

  4. Ask your student to place their right hand on CDEFG as shown in the image at the top of the page of their Play Piano Today Book.

  5. Push all the notes down at once (see video).  It’s fun! Make a noise!

  6. Now move the hand up the piano so the little finger is resting on the C an octave higher.

  7. Push all five notes down at once.

  8. Practice moving from one group of notes to the next and back.  These are the two hand positions for Make Music Today.




  1. Guide your student through the piece by saying the finger names as they play.  Remind them to jump their hand up to the higher hand position at bat 17 and jump back down to the lower position at bar 33. 

  2. Note the bar numbers at the beginning of each line.

  3. After playing it through a few times play it along with the CD.


Left Hand (LH)


  1. Turn to page 4 of Play Piano Chords Today.

  2. Note the letters in the boxes above the notes.  C, F, G and A-. Place the students left hand little finger on C, second finger on F and thumb on G.  The thumb will do double duty and play the A as well when the music gets to the A- chord.  The dash after the A means A minor but it isn’t necessary to discuss minor chords until Unit 2.

  3. Put on the CD and ask your student to play one note per beat with their little finger on C.  Count along with them.  1,2,3,4 for four bars.  Now switch to the second finger on F and keep the beat going for two more bars.  Now switch to G for two more bars and back to C.  Continue for the whole piece.  It’s fun to play the left hand rhythm with the CD.  It’s like being part of a band!


Hands Together (HT)


  1. There are many ways to play this piece hands together.  For beginner piano players I suggest taking two bars at a time.  Play the first two bars LH only.  Then RH only.  Now try them together.  Repeat this sequence a few times. 

  2. If it is too tough to play the second bar hands together they can play the first bar hands together and then play the second bar with just one C in the LH on the first beat.  (see video at 4:00 min mark)

  3. After the first two bars are a success, add the next two bars. 

  4. When you have the first 16 bars HT put on the CD and play along. 



Check out the Make Music Today – Level 2 video for more advanced players.