Barb Schindel (teacher, ARCT piano and voice)

I have taught voice/piano for over 30 years and have taught Play Piano Chords Today for over 10 years. I am impressed with Linda's creativity and thoughtful investment in forming this program.
PPCT is an amazing and fun filled program for adults of every musical level and ability.  I thoroughly enjoy every class I teach as it inspires and stretches my teaching skills and is also so rewarding for the students. I especially love the 'ah ha' moments when the light goes on and a smile spreads over their face.

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I also use the tools in my personal teaching as well - Play Piano Chords Today is a revolutionary resource to enhance any music teacher's Studio!

Phyllis Straatholf (artist)

I had taken a number of years of  'classical' training in piano lessons and while I could play some pieces with a lot of practice, I did not really understand how music was made up - ie, the relationship between different keys - and knew nothing of how to chord.  I can now sight read and play almost any piece in the numerous 'Fake Books' and am beginning to see the 'patterns' in music.  When I go to my other books, the left hand accompaniment now makes much more sense and those pieces are also easier for me to play.  Most importantly, Linda's classes have been fun and totally stress-free.  If I had had this type of instruction early in my piano playing, I would likely have never stopped playing.


BTW - I'm loving all those fake books I bought.  My mom was down and we had a couple of sing-a- longs.  She (&I) knew almost all the 20s and 30s. -- and I was so happy to be able to play for her!

Ann Schau (teacher ARCT)

As a teacher of  Linda Gould's Play Piano Chords Today I am privileged to see many students blossom into an enjoyment of music.  Using PPCT, beginners are most successfully introduced to many musical concepts. The method encourages them to read, to improvise, and to use their ears.  I have had many students, already with familiar with the keyboard, who found that PPCT allowed an exploration of chords structure and voicing.  They loved it!   Now they could read chord charts, add chords to melodies, and create their own arrangements. 

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Galina Coffey Lewis (author) 

After not having a piano lesson for over 10 years, I found Linda Gould. What a treasure she is!! And her teaching methods are so creative, so magnificent, so holistic and so enjoyable; I have fallen in love with playing the piano again.  Linda is the most creative teacher I ever had.... Her teaching methods utilizing "Play Piano Chords Today" books, and her summer "Piano Boot Camp" are so much fun and I can hardly wait to go to my piano lessons. 


The "Play Piano Chords Today" books utilize exercises, songs, improvisational techniques, thoughtful quotes such as "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."(Victor Hugo) as well as pictures, visuals and helpful written exercises.  Her original "Tea Kettle 1 and 2" warm-ups are just perfect to practice while waiting for the tea kettle to sing...... What a clever idea, and it works to keep me practicing and motivated.

She is simply the best!!!! For anyone desiring to play the piano at any level with any kind of music, Linda and her teaching methods will guarantee you success. For music teachers who may attend her workshops, I guarantee you that will you discover secrets and techniques to help your students learn that will give you and your students great success as well as much enjoyment.

Ruth McGill (accountant)

Play Piano Chords Today has meant to me:   


Fun, structured, easy and informative way of learning to play the piano and discover music and a creative side I did not know I had for music.  It works because the layout of lessons guarantee that the students learn in a few basic lessons fundamentals so they can play simple familiar music such as Ode to Joy and play it as a group in front of new people a music soiree.   

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Play Piano Chords Today allows for students with varying abilities to learn together in a supportive manner. It is both the flexibility of the content and the teacher's demonstrations that make this work so well.  Everything can be slowed down and broken down so we can understand, learn and mimic. Yet, we can make subtle changes to make it our own.    

I still believe through this  wonderful course I am still playing "outside my box" and you know I like that way! I think many music teachers and students will be very lucky if they have an opportunity to learn and teach Play Piano Chords Today.

Irma MacKay (retired)

Linda has given me new enthusiasm and appreciation for piano playing. I was hesitant to begin piano lessons again as a senior. However, I have learned so much in the 18 months that I have been taking lessons from Linda and am amazed at how well I can now play the piano. I have taken both group and individual lessons and am always excited and inspired to play for up to two hours a day. Linda is a fantastic teacher and her curriculum is easy to follow.


​Linda Parsons (retired)

 “Play Piano Chords Today opened a whole new world for me.  I had always wanted to learn piano but felt that hours and hours of studying music and paying for expensive lessons wasn’t for me.  The lessons are not only reasonably priced, they are FUN!  


Julianne  Wolfe  (piano teacher​, ARCT)

Your program is such a lovely way to introduce adults to playing and having fun.  Those who go through your books continue to enjoy and learn from lead sheets, and also are more ready to read the bass clef and enjoy classical music as well... so thank you! 

Anne Glommen (school teacher)

​Several years ago, with a certain amount of skepticism, I took the Play Piano Chords Today course.  It was the beginning of a new musical journey! No more daunting pages of black notes - a single melody line and a few chord notations are all one needs for immediate satisfaction. Linda's method of teaching has brought so much joy to my piano playing - I am indebted to her forever! 



Wendy Patterson (retired)

I have taken traditional piano lessons in the past and find the PPCT method so much more comprehensive and enjoyable. In contrast to just learning notes and how to read music, PPCT teaches us to "make" music. From the first lesson, theory and practice are integrated and students gain an appreciation of how music is composed.


Instead of learning classical repertoire, PPCT encompasses all musical styles. In her PPCT program Linda has taken complicated material and made it universally accessible. The PPCT method reminds me of days past when friends gathered around the piano for fun and to create music. 


An analogy that works for me is:  traditional instruction is like learning to read phonetically--you eventually learn to read but it's slow and painful. PPCT is more like the "whole word" method --you are making music and gaining an understanding of composition from the get go.  With both traditional and PPCT methods you get there in the end but for me, PPCT makes the journey so much more enjoyable. 

Gail Caryn (professional singer)    

I was told by a piano teacher at age 20 that I did not have the co-ordination to play the piano.  For 25 years, I believed what she had said until Linda Gould proved her wrong.  Linda is a fantastic teacher.  Her Play Piano Chords Today course is clear, fun, and progresses at a pace that motivates, but never discourages.  Within a few weeks I could chord through some simple songs and that was so satisfying.  Linda is inspiring, personable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend Linda's course to anyone interested in playing piano or to any institution looking for a dynamic and engaging instructor. 



K. Alex Bettenhausen (retired engineer)

This is my second semester with Linda Gould, and I am still amazed:


Not only does she make learning the piano fun and easy, she manages to instinctively hit just the right "note" with every individual student. How she manages to personalize the teaching while leading the entire group is beyond me; I can only guess that, apart from her evident experience, her natural leadership ability and pedagogical skills are standing her in good stead.


Anita Fownes (retired)


This is my third year of lessons with Linda Gould who is an extraordinary musician and piano instructor.   I am an adult student in my 70th decade, and a returning student to the piano having begun lessons when I was a teen. I dabbled in and out of lessons along the Royal Conservatory format for all of my formal lessons.  Eventually, I realized that what I wanted to do musically, was to play tunes that I recognized.   


I learned about  Play Piano Chords Today classes, through a colleague in the community. My first conversation with Linda about what I was looking for and what she offered both through  her program “Play Piano Chords Today” at the Victoria Conservatory of Music (group lessons) and privately, touched a “chord of excitement” in me. Here was someone who said she could teach me chording, building on what I already knew from my lessons of old.      


Admittedly, the first sessions of lessons were extremely frustrating for me. It was hard to let go of the “old” way of building the left hand musically! But oh my, once the pattern revealed itself, what fun it was.     

     Linda is patient, enthusiastic and innovative in coaching me over the hurdles. No question is too elementary. Linda is always pushing me along with new challenges in the choice of music and slips in theory of how the chording relationships connect that helps in learning the basics that I missed along the way.   The Play Piano Chords Today books have a wide variety of tunes (even blues) arranged in a very jazz like way. Even the “classical” tunes are beautifully arranged with what Linda calls “juicy” chords, and truly they are.   In attending Linda’s “Piano Boot Camp” this past summer,  I leap-frogged into a new level of learning. She tied the “drills” to the piece, seamlessly to create an easy way to learn the piece. Linda specializes in teaching the easiest way to move from chord to chord.   


Hans Saib (computer programmer)


I have found the "Play Piano Chords Today" classes not only very effective in learning to play the piano, but also positive, encouraging, and most of all fun.  All one needs to do is to put in some regular time practicing, as in learning anything else."

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