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A Magic Chord

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

What makes the V chord so magical?
The V Chord

The magic V chord! I'm writing this blog during the Christmas season where magic and sparkle abound. The V chord is the most magical, sparkly chord there is.


Because it is UNIQUE.

It is the only chord in the scale that is a dominant 7th and that is really cool. ( Donʼt believe me? Watch this 5 min video ) . Itʼs uniqueness makes it our guiding star, our flashlight in the forest of chords. It tells us exactly what key we are in.

“Who cares?” you may ask. When we add our own notes to the music (extra diddles or a full on improvisation) we will ADD THE RIGHT NOTES when we know what key we are in. Playing notes that sound good to our ears is what music is all about :-)

All the best of the season!

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