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Meet Linda and Christine on this short video about Piano Boot Camp last year in Aug 2020

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What previous piano boot campers say...

John Pope  (Vancouver)

I am so glad I did!

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After retirement, I decided that I wanted to try to learn to play the piano again. I had taken piano lessons for a few years as a child, but really struggled with it. I didn’t enjoy the music I was required to play and my progress was slow.

My wife helped me find a series of piano lesson books (Play Piano Chords Today) that simplified the process of playing, by using chords in the left hand and a simple melody in the right hand. I discovered these books were the work of a musician in Victoria named Linda Gould and that she seemed to have the goal of wanting to help adults like me reestablish their interest in playing the piano.


When I found that she had a piano camp for a week in the summer I thought I had nothing to lose except my pride so very nervously I decided I would attend her camp.

I am so glad I did! Linda made every student feel comfortable that week. Even though we were at different skill levels, she was able to make the classes relevant to each of us and she did it in such a fun and positive way. Of course I came back the next year! Then Linda took a break from offering the piano Boot Camp‘s, much to my disappointment. So now that I know there’s one this year, even though it’s a virtual camp this year, of course I’m going to sign up.


I often think now, when I’m playing the piano, how much my enjoyment has increased because of taking the risk of attending my first Piano Boot Camp.

After not having a piano lesson for over 10 years, I found Linda Gould. What a treasure she is!! And her teaching methods are so creative, so magnificent, so holistic and so enjoyable; I have fallen in love with playing the piano again.  Linda is the most creative teacher I ever had.... Her teaching methods utilizing "Play Piano Chords Today" books, and her summer "Piano Boot Camp" are so much fun and I can hardly wait to go to my piano lessons. 


The Play Piano Chords Today books utilize exercises, songs, improvisational techniques, thoughtful quotes such as "Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."(Victor Hugo) as well as pictures, visuals and helpful written exercises.  Her original "Tea Kettle 1 and 2" warm-ups are just perfect to practice while waiting for the tea kettle to sing...... What a clever idea, and it works to keep me practicing and motivated.

She is simply the best!!!! For anyone desiring to play the piano at any level with any kind of music, Linda and her teaching methods will guarantee you success. For music teachers who may attend her workshops, I guarantee you that will you discover secrets and techniques to help your students learn that will give you and your students great success as well as much enjoyment.

Galina Coffey Lewis (Author) 

I have fallen in love with playing the piano again!


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Previous Boot Camps

Our 12th annual Piano Boot Camp 2022! 

Are you an adult returning to the piano or continuing your musical journey?  Do you love chords and want an easy way to read and play great music?


Come play with us everyday for 2 1/2 hours (including a break) during the third week of August 2022.


Explore piano chords, further your chord voicing, sight reading and rhythm skills, meet fellow piano players, and have a virtual musical experience.​ Price includes all music and worksheets for the week plus a private lesson!

Level 1 - we will explore the foundation chords; Major, Minor and Sevenths.  Wherever you are on your musical journey you will be further along. 5 days of listening skills, reading skills, improvisation, playing along with us, learning some new warm-ups and of course New Tunes.

Level 2 - we will explore juicy jazz chords; 9th, 11th, 13th and beyond. 5 days of listening, reading, comping (jazz slang for accompanying), learning new jazzy warm-ups, improvisation and of course creating chords for New Tunes.


This year we have an added treat... Christine Taber will join Linda Gould as an additional instructor.  Christine brings us her experience as mentor, performer, arranger, conductor and owner of Taber Music Shool.  Check out her website here.  

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Piano Boot Camp 2017

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Piano Keys
Piano Keys

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2018 Piano Chord Workshops

Improvisation, improvisation and more improvisation.  


Workshop includes

- personal improv evaluation

- improv workbook

- advanced comping and chords

- solo improv skills

- group/band improv skills 

- CD of all the songs played in the workshop

When: October 11 - 12 (2 days)  from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
Where: 190 Sunny Lane, Victoria, B.C. Canada

Cost: $220 CDN

Max: 5 participants

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