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Welcome to Piano From Scratch!

PFS is the perfect first book for adults or teens starting piano.  You'll find lot's of note reading games, tips on pianos and creating piano habits, and lots of other treats to start your musical journey on the right foot.  A great foundation is key to enjoying making music.  That's what we all want, to sit it down at the keys and play!

Click on the book to the left to download it to your computer, tablet or good old paper.  


PFS was created as a companion course for beginners taking Play Piano Chords Today Book 1.  This free eBook is a subset of the course.  Do this course on it's own or along side PPCT Bk 1 or other courses.


There are many questions when starting out on the piano as an adult and a book doesn't answer them as well as a video.  Each page of the PFS book has a corresponding video below, that will guide you and smooth the way... get you playing tunes with ease!

Remember the two most important steps... Show Up and Be Patient .Give yourself room to make mistakes and laugh lots.  Great things are about to happen.  Come PLAY with me!

Piano From Scratch Videos

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